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SKINOVA®德国顶级超声波美容仪 - 德国原厂空运 24年5月初发货 不接受退货 不参加折扣

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德国原厂空运 全球两年质保

不接受退货 不参加折扣




Skinova®便攜式超聲波美容儀由德國Wellcomet Technology® 研發主要使用LDM® (Local Dynamic Micromassage局部動態微按摩) 技術及通過世界唯一的10MHz超音波波長調節真皮上層部的細胞活性和細胞外基質的平衡,從而改善老化的皮膚。而且過程無創、無痛也無副作用,更有效刺激及調節細胞外基質 (ECMs),為皮膚提供充足養分及刺激膠原蛋白增生。



ECMs內的三種關鍵酵素/蛋白與分子,平衡狀態,皮膚可達至修復;治療終極可抑制大幅度的皮膚老化週期,皮膚從而回復年輕、健康。我們期待見證這技術能帶來的重大效益,轉變給皮膚提供充足養份,護理的基本及終極目標便可達到。以下是近年美學研究有盟關改變外基質(ECMs)內之基質金屬蛋白酶(MMPs) 、為熱休克蛋白(HSPs) 、酸性糖胺多糖(GAGs)的重點資訊及刊物。

Skinova®MED是一款具有創新性10MHz超聲波現代化便攜式設備,主要用於Wellcomet®超分割方法。每天2 x 10分鐘就足以達到理想的效果。



✓ 緊膚

✓ 嫩膚

✓ 抗衰老

✓ 導入

✓ 保濕

✓ 減淡皺紋

✓ 刺激膠原蛋白增生

✓ 解決嚴重皮膚問題

SKINOVA® 1個系統7種模式解決多重常見皮膚問題


1. Skin tightening(緊緻肌膚)- 恢復衰老的皮膚彈性/收縮毛孔,有顯著效果

2. Skin moisturizing(肌膚保濕)- 對皮膚進行穩定/對皮膚補水進行保濕效果

3. Skin brightening(肌膚提亮)- 可以解決皮膚暗沈的問題,美白提亮

4. Clear skin(細胞再生清潔)- 可以改善肌膚細胞缺陷,使其變為乾淨的新生的皮膚

5. Clear skin pro(細胞再生清潔專業模式)- 可以改善肌膚細胞缺陷,使其變為乾淨的新生的皮膚(專業模式)

6. Sonophoresis(藥物滲透模式)- 藥物滲透模式/可以進行產品導入吸收(誤用劣質產品,因此模式吸收效果強,建議選擇skinova產品)

7. Special pro(專業問題型肌膚模式)- 主要針對紅血絲等問題/使皮膚變為彈性有光澤的健康肌膚

THE solution for concentrated treatments at home

Professional home applications are very popular!

The claim of modern customers is: "The way to an improved and radiant complexion as well as an effective treatment of problem skin should lead to professional but at the same time comfortable and uncomplicated treatment methods".

This requirement made Wellcomet ® create a truly unique product called Skinova ® . 

The lightweight and transportable Skinova ®  is an innovative device with  10 MHz  ultrasound technology from Wellcomet ® .
It was designed as part of a rental concept specifically for effective home treatments for customers. 
The sonotrodes (handpieces) are cordless and can therefore be equipped with an indication specially adapted to the customer from the base station at any time. 

Areas of application:

  • Impure skin (cosmetic acne)
  • skin improvement
  • antiaging 
  • couperose

Skinova ®  - The home solution with 10MHz high-frequency ultrasound  Treatments with Skinova ® , based on the superfractionation method from Wellcomet ® , form a completely new type of treatment that not only enables an improvement in the skin's appearance within a short period of time, but also improves its effectiveness of aesthetic treatments can be significantly improved through regular use.

Superfractionation is based on the   knowledge that regularity of treatments is often more important for a good result than the intensity of the individual treatments. 
Based on these conclusions and with the help of modern  10 MHz  technology, the convincing solution Skinova ® was created , which enables customers to carry out effective skin treatments comfortably and regularly (up to 2 times a day) over a certain period of time in a very concentrated way independently at home to perform. 

Skinova ®  can be combined with  LDM ® devices  as part of a special all-round treatment concept called  SKIN MANAGEMENT LS  in order to achieve even better and more stable treatment results. 

With the  10 MHz  technology, the device differs significantly from conventional home products. In contrast to other ultrasound frequencies with a half-value depth of just approx. 0.3 cm, this frequency acts almost exclusively in the upper layers of the skin such as the epidermis and dermis and thus exactly there, for example, where most aging processes take place. 

Scope of delivery:

1 x programming station

1 x sonotrode 10 MHz, 3 cm2

1 * Contact Gel 250ml

Treatment programs:

  1. Anti-aging: This program is mainly used in treatment regimens to reduce the signs of aging and counteract the signs of aging.
  2. Couperose: If the skin is very inflamed, the treatment should only be carried out under medical supervision.
  3. Impure skin (cosmetic acne) 1: This program should be used for acne comedonica and moderate levels of acne papulopustulosa.
  4. Impure skin (cosmetic acne) 2: This program should be used for acne papulopustulosa and late acne.
  5. Skin type 1: The program is used to improve the skin type (e.g. wrinkles, large pores, or loss of turgo).
  6. Skin type 2: The program is used to improve the skin type (e.g. wrinkles, large pores, or loss of turgo). The program can also be used to treat aesthetically disturbing scars.

Attention: The following body regions must not be treated with SKINOVA® without medical supervision:

  • eye (bulbus oculi)
  • gonads
  • heart
  • growth zones of juvenile bones
  • abdomen during pregnancy