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德国顶尖大牌供货原料大厂,一种高度浓缩、完全兼容的视黄醇血清,含有最纯净的维生素 A (5,000 IU/g),可对抗皱纹。

VITAMIN A BOOSTER SERUM 专为面部和颈部区域开发,将您的皮肤浸泡在精致的高剂量精华液中,可减少皱纹深度并重建皮肤。

视黄醇是一种内源性分子,其产量会随着老化过程而减少。结果,皮肤慢慢失去了不断自我更新的能力。结果:它失去弹性,厚度减少并出现折痕。通过使用我们高度浓缩的产品 VITAMIN A BOOSTER SERUM,可以抵消这一过程。

光学和电子显微镜显示,在用维生素 A 处理的组织中,细胞分裂和分化的一般刺激、一般皮肤的增厚、趋于分解的一般皮肤、光诱导的色素沉着过度的减少和胶原蛋白合成的增加。

这种视黄醇精华的强效抗衰老作用是通过浓缩添加的维生素 A(以棕榈酸视黄酯的形式)渗透到皮肤的所有层而实现的。在皮肤中,它诱导胶原蛋白生物合成,同时抑制由太阳辐射引起的胶原蛋白降解酶的合成。由于特殊的吸收物质,独特的配方被特别快速和容易地吸收。由于大量供应的水分,皮肤保持良好状态。由于我们不使用酒精、对羟基苯甲酸酯或香料,我们保证您的皮肤绝对耐受并且没有负面影响,长期使用我们的视黄醇抗衰老精华液更是如此。


A highly concentrated, completely compatible retinol serum against wrinkles with the purest vitamin A (5,000 IU/g).

Exclusively developed for the face and neck area, VITAMIN A BOOSTER SERUM saturates your skin with an exquisite, high-dose serum that reduces the depth of wrinkles and rebuilds the skin.

Retinol is an endogenous molecule whose production decreases over the course of the aging process. As a result, the skin slowly loses its ability to constantly renew itself. The result: it loses elasticity, decreases in thickness and creases appear. By using our highly concentrated product VITAMIN A BOOSTER SERUM it is possible to counteract this process.

Light and electron microscopy shows in tissue treated with vitamin A a general stimulation of cell division and differentiation, a thickening of general skin that tends to break down, a reduction in light-induced hyperpigmentation and an increase in collagen synthesis.

The intensive anti-aging effect of this retinol serum is achieved by the concentrated added vitamin A (in the form of retinyl palmitate) penetrating all layers of the skin. In the skin, it induces collagen biosynthesis and at the same time inhibits the synthesis of collagen-degrading enzymes caused by solar radiation. Thanks to special absorption substances, the unique formula is absorbed particularly quickly and easily. The skin keeps its good condition thanks to the intensively supplied moisture. Due to the fact that we do not use alcohol, parabens or fragrances, we guarantee your skin absolute compatibility and no negative effects, even more so with long-term use of our retinol anti-aging serum.