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润百颜蜂巢玻尿酸紧致次抛原液 (1.5ML x 30支) BIOHYALUX HA TIGHTENING SERUM (1.5ML*30)

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润百颜蜂巢玻尿酸紧致次抛原液,紧致润养,告别肌肤“初老”难题。含有的二裂酵母发酵产物溶胞物,能够强韧肌底,舒缓修护肌肤;酵母提取物,对抗干纹紧致提拉,释放肌肤弹力;蜂巢玻尿酸水润滋养,令肌肤焕活光采,解锁年轻。 主要成分: 二裂酵母;酵母提取物;蜂巢玻尿酸


Long-Lasting Hydration and Volume for Tired Skin. Strengthened by Hyacross® with its superior moisture-retaining properties, anti-aging effects are further enhanced. Key ingredients in the Lifting & Firming serum are Bifida Ferment Extract and Natto Extract. Bifida Ferment Extract is a probiotic that can help reactive skin become less sensitive to environmental aggressors. This encourages the skin to visibly repair itself and begin to look healthier. Natto Extract is easily absorbed into the skin to protect the barrier, increase skin cell activity, possesses anti-inflammatory & anti-aging functions, increase skin elasticity and improve skin's texture. Skin will look firmer and smoother as it is lifted to glowing fullness.

Our exclusive Hexagonal Hyaluronic Acid Formulation utilizes four different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid which includes miniHA & microHA. Each weight penetrates & hydrates a different layer of the skin to fulfill a wide range of regenerative & protective functions.

Products Features:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Certified ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System