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润百颜美白精华液 (1.5ML x 30支) BIOHYALUX WHITENING ESSENCE (1.5ML x 30)

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润百颜玻尿酸美白次抛精华液,美白淡斑,淡化黑色素,匀亮肤色 ‘’1步到位‘’ 首创 VA+VC+VE 纳米 微囊包裹 促进生成黄金-型胶原 多重玻尿酸配合立体补水 燕窝提取物 抚纹透亮 烟酰胺焕亮肌肤

主要成分:  烟酰胺;5D玻尿酸;燕窝提取物

主要功效:温和美白 匀亮肤色 活力VC 肤感温和 质地清爽



Bloomage Biotech BIOHYALUX 377  VC and Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Stoste for Transparent and Bright Skin.

  • 377 liposome essence reaches deep into the skin and fights dullness
  • Rational formulae collaborate to brighten your skin.
  • 5D uniquely wise hyaluronic acid
  • Nourish the muscle base and improve brightening efficacy