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主要成分:二裂酵母 5D蜂巢玻尿酸 积雪草提取物




Quadruple lifting factors bring 1+1>2 “lifting” experience

BIOHYALUX, the first lifting facial mask *

Lifting elastic facial mask

The first factor: fine fiber membrane for “beautifying” and lifting

  • Three-dimensional network structure

Fine fiber structure and high essence absorption and permeability make the mask stick to skin firmly and supplement essence fully.

  • Ergonomic design

A three-dimensional fine fiber membrane is designed to fit the shape of the face and provided with small lifting wings on both cheeks to realize physical lifting.


The second factor: Bifida Ferment Lysate Essence, “helping” skin become elastic

98% Bifida Ferment Lysate Essence will strengthen skin base and nurture, relieve, lift and revitalize skin to make your skin full of elasticity


The third factor: 5D* honeycomb HA, consisting of five kinds of HA, will moisturize the skin by layers based on the scientific ratio for joint moisturizing and nutrition

  1. HA elastomer: its compact three-dimensional network structure forms a water-locked breathable film to reduce evaporation of skin moisture.
  2. Macromolecular HA will form a breathable hydration shell to reduce evaporation of skin moisture.
  3. Micromolecular HA will convey moisture to make the skin fine.
  4. Mini-molecular HA will be absorbed by the skin base to moisturize the skin deeply. The transdermal absorption ratio of patent miniHA1 can reach 69.5%.
  5. HYMAGIC-ACHA: Moisturizing and softening factor enhances moisture retention and double moisturizing effect.

The fourth factor: three elasticity inducers can make your skin fine and firm

  1. Nattokinase extract will rejuvenate skin and improve skin vitality to keep your skin rejuvenated, elastic and moist
  2. Hydrocotyle asiatica extract will nurture and refine your tender skin to keep your skin lubricated and moist.
  3. Seven types of complex peptides: Based on such a strong combination, each peptide will work in coordination to reduce fine lines.