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润百颜玻尿酸抚纹靓透次抛精华液 (1.5ML x 30支) BIOHYALUX HA ANTI-AGING LIGHTENING ESSENCE (1.5ML x 30)

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润百颜玻尿酸抚纹靓透次抛精华液, 创新VA + VC + VE 纳米微囊包裹,不用早A晚C, 年轻一步到位突破性玻尿酸科技,提升45.1% 黄金I型胶原蛋白四重胜肽,科学复配,激活胶原,源头直击细纹. 



润百颜采用BIOHYACE 微包裹技术,VA, VC, VE协同使用, 对比不包裹保留率提高了58%,性质更稳定, 白天也可以使用, 建议做好防晒. 

主要成分:  烟酰胺;5D玻尿酸;燕窝提取物



Innovative VA + VC + VE nano-microcapsule. Only one can provide all the daily recommended requirements.

Earth-shaking HA technology to improve 45.1% Collagen Type I

Scientific compositional formulation of tetrapeptide to activate collagen and smooth away fine lines

Multiple HA to activate skin water; micro molecule to penetrate into the dermis and moisturize skin from basal cells

Bird's nest extract and nicotinamide to regenerate and brighten the skin

Biohyalux adopts BIOHYACE technology, an innovative VA + VC + VE nano-microcapsule, through which retention rate is increased by 58% with higher stability. It can be used during the day and it is recommended to use sun protection before going out.